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Hi Guys! Welcome to my small world. This site is created to showcase some of my successful projects and also to contribute useful things on the web.

I would be very happy if some of my freebies and articles was useful for you, at least I know I was sharing the right thing on the web.

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Congrats My President!!!

Despite of all the black propaganda, hindi nag bago tingin namin sayo, since 2011, me including my family rooted for you na. Kahit nung hindi ka ka sikat.

“Just so this is clear: When you voted for Duterte, you didn’t vote for change. What you voted for was the candidate that could help you change. Yes, it’s YOU that has to change. So stop cutting lines. Stop promoting ignorance. Stop jaywalking. Stop littering. Pay your taxes. Know the law. Follow the rules. Study your lessons. Get a job. Go help someone. Plant a tree. Invest in goodness. Make a positive impact. Because the statement “Change is Coming” is not a battlecry you shout to the world; it’s a solemn promise you make to yourself. And if that change does not come, it’s less of his failure as a President and more of our collective failure as a nation.” ~ Carlo Ang