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How to fix port 80 is in used

How to fix port 80 is in used

This error is quite common for web developers trying to run a apache server on their computer. We all know what’s the cause of this problem, it’s because the port 80 is in used. Probably because you’ve run some IM that’s using port 80 and one of the most popular is Skype. And now after closing the skype or changing the skype’s port in settings and still can’t run apache, then here’s the step you need.

What we are going to do is to free the port 80 so the apache can run.
All we need to do is to know what’s the PID(Process Identification) so can free the port 80.

Open Command from your system (Window+R or just enter cmd in run).
Then enter netstat -ao in command
From the result, find the local address that is using port 80.

After knowing the PID we have to kill it to free port 80.
Enter taskkill /PID 872(change this with the PID of yours)

If it fails, you have to forcekill it, enter taskkill /F /PID 872

After doing the steps above, your apache should now work just like before.

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