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The best mobile emulator!

The best mobile emulator!

All web developers are aiming to produce a website that supports all devices nowadays. But how would you know what’s the look of the site you we’re developing in mobile phones? Easy! Buy all the mobile devices and test it all! Just kidding!

There’s a lot of alternative ways on the internet, even just resizing your browser is enough to see what your website might look on mobile phones. And there are websites too! such as,,, and These alternatives are all good but isn’t really 100% accurate.

Back to where mobile starting to become hot, we really bought a mobile phone just to see the actual result, one ipad and one iphone. Yeah, that’s how serious we are to produce a perfect mobile site.

By the way, are you using a Google Chrome browser? Did you know that it is all we need to see the actual result of a mobile site?

Just view your site, press F12.

Click the “Hide Drawer” icon


Click Emulation tab


Select a mobile phone and then Click Emulate!


Wohlah! It’ll be cooler if you’re using a touch screen.

Just a reminder, you need to refresh the page every time you emulate a device.

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