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Cheapest domain name

Cheapest domain name

Domain name nowaday is very affordable, for only 11 USD you can own it for a year. However a lot of users can’t buy because most of the domain registrar only accept payments via paypal or credit card, where most of us doesn’t have it. Specially here in the Philippines, lots of my friends frequently asked how to buy a domain without having a paypal or credit card.

A week ago, I found which offers the cheapest domain name on the web! During there special promo, I was shocked seeing their price was only 99 Php(Philippine Peso) or only 2.3 USD!, so I bought a domain name right away! Even the promo has ended, still holds the cheapest domain on the web(for me), you can have it for only 199 Php!

The great thing with is, aside from Paypal and Credit Card as there payment method, they have an option to pay it through bank deposits. With me, I used BDO Online Banking to pay for it. It’s less hassle.

Last time I was on bluehost which I can no longer renew because my paypal was empty. So I have to start all over again. Anyway bluehost was great too! It just that if you don’t have a credit card or paypal, is perfect!

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